Self Defense


Melee Defense Strategies, Contact Combat Division: The Hebrew translation of Contact Combat is Krav Maga. Krav Maga is the primary hand-to-hand combat fighting system developed by and for the Israeli Defense Force. It is known for its brutality and simplicity. As a result, it is taught and employed by most Special Operations Forces and elite law enforcement agencies worldwide. Our instructors are certified by current instructors and members of the Israeli Defense Force and frequently travel to Israel for continuous training and development. From a self-defense perspective, Krav Maga focuses on situational awareness and avoiding confrontations when possible. However, when danger is imminent and unavoidable, one must possess the necessary fighting skills to survive the encounter.


  • Intro to Self-Defense
  • Unarmed defense against an armed attacker
  • Defense in confined spaces
  • Rape Prevention Techniques
  • Anti-Abduction Techniques
  • Unarmed defense against an active killer
  • More upon request
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