Ron Rotem

“I had the opportunity to train and train with Scott in Israel and can personally attest to his knowledge and understanding of violence and violent encounters. His skills as a practitioner and his ability to articulate those skills as an instructor are top notch”

Ron Rotem is a 6th Degree Black Belt in Krav Maga and former Head of the Krav Maga Instructional Division for the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). Additionally, Ron served as the Head of Krav Maga for the Israeli Prison Authority. He currently operates the Israeli Krav Maga Institute in Hathiya, Hod Hasharon, Israel. @Ron_Rotem_Krav

Ron Engelman

“I met Scott for the first time in Tel Aviv, Israel in March 2022. While he was initially quiet and reserved, I was immediately impressed with his skills as a Krav Maga practitioner. Once he opened-up, his abilities to teach the tactics and applicable techniques were equally as impressive. Since March, I have had the opportunity to teach and train with Scott in the USA, as well.

His continuous thirst for knowledge and relentless work ethic makes him an incredible student and instructor. I am proud to call him a Worldwide Affiliate of the Krav Maga Israel Family and more importantly, a friend. If one is seeking world class instruction, Scott and Melee Defense Strategies is an excellent choice.”

Ron Engelman is one of the leading authorities in Krav Maga today. Born into a family of fighters, Ron has spent the last two decades training and teaching Krav Maga to soldiers on the front lines and civilians around the world. Ron is currently a Master Sargent in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). He is a combat veteran of the second Lebanese War and has conducted numerous counter-terror operations. He is a Senior Military Krav Maga Instructor (IDF) and Head Instructor of Krav Maga Israel. Ron also founded the Krav Maga Defense Institute (KMDI) in Australia. @kravmagaisrael @ronengelman

Gray Maynard

“As a professional fighter in the UFC for 11 years and Owner of Primed Combat in Lansing, Michigan, I am proud to partner with Scott and Melee Defense Strategies to provide true self-defense classes to my clientele.

There are a lot of folks out there peddling different versions of self-defense but Scott’s experience, qualifications, certifications, and actions on the mats speak for themselves.”