Firearms Training


Melee Defense Strategies, Firearms Training Unit: While stationary target shooting has its place in developing proper shooting fundamentals, Melee Defense Strategies believes there is a wide disconnect between the confidence in firearm ownership and possession and the reality of an actual gunfight. The goal of our Firearms Training Unit is to bridge that gap. We bridge that gap with education first and then progress through different levels of added stress. While we believe there is no real way to simulate a gunfight, we can pinpoint triggers to simulate the similar physical, psychological and physiological changes a body undergoes during one.

  • Firearm manipulation and safety
  • Basic marksmanship
  • Weapons Retention
  • Combat Shooting
  • Stress Firing
  • Shooting and moving
  • Intro to CQB (dry fire)
  • All classes are a progression and will move at the instructor’s pace based on safety

Concealed Pistol License

  • Coming Soon
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